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The doctors on his ward rounds will sign your discharge form.  For your safety, it is advised that a relative or friend accompany you home. Check out time is 12.00 noon. For discharge after 12.00 noon, there will be an additional half day room charge. For discharge after   4.00pm, a full day room charge will be imposed. Your bill must be settled in full before you are discharged, if payment is not guaranteed by your company, covered by insurance or prior arrangements have not been made. If you are covered by insurance, please note that the discharge procedure may take up to 3 hours to obtain final approval from your insurance company.


Patients paying cash will receive refunds should the deposit be more than the actual expenses incurred.


Before you leave, please be sure that you:
  • Collect all your belongings and valuables
  • Obtain all prescribed medication (if any) and ensure that you understand the instructions regarding their use.
  • Get the appointment card from the attending nurse, should there be follow-up treatment