Kuala Terengganu – Kuala Terengganu Specialist Hospital (KTS) is proud to announce 
the opening of a new ophthalmology service with the appointment of Dr Azhar bin Zainuddin 
as the hospital’s visiting ophthalmologist. 
The services will be available from 10 November 2013. 
“The eye clinic will cater to many common eye problems and disorders such as red eye, 
painful eye, itchy eye, computer vision syndrome, infection and virus”, said Zawiah Shariff, 
chief executive officer of KTS. 
The clinic will be equipped with the latest laser and microscopic equipment for both 
examination and surgery. It will also provide optometry services such as general and 
advanced refractive procedures, and colour vision assessment and management to treat dry 
With the state of art technology and supported by a team of trained paramedics and nurses, 
the KTS eye clinic will be able to perform surgeries to treat glaucoma and cataract. Other 
services available are LASIK procedure with precision and ocular-plastic surgery to create 
double eyelid and correct baggy eyelids. 
“With the opening of the clinic, KTS is now well placed to provide comprehensive eye service 
to patients in Terengganu, particularly in Kuala Terengganu”, said Zawiah. 
Those wishing to have their eye examination, can call KTS’s marketing department at 09 
624 5353 and speak to Hidayah or Azuin for an appointment.